Monday, 2 February 2009

Random thoughts

I woke up this morning and, as usual, threw open the curtains to see what the weather was going to hold for me. Normally, it's cloudy. Sometimes it's sunny. Not today. Today it was snowing! It was quite a pleasant surprise, even though I had to walk half an hour to lecture in the freezing cold, and then walk back home in the freezing cold. It was pretty to look at and brought some excitement to the day. There was only one downside to the powdery stuff. On my way home, I passed a funny looking guy who looked like quite the punk. Just as I was thinking this to myself, a snowball goes flying past my face! He must have been able to read my mind. I whipped around, looked at him, and then started walking again, only to see another one go by. He was a bad shot, but it still caught me off guard. People are certainly friendly in England...

I spent most of the day, with the exception of lecture, inside reading about Rousseau and the Social Contract Theory. Super fun, right? I am now ready to write a paper tomorrow, my fifth of twelve! That is exciting I have to say. I'm almost halfway finished with the paper-writing. :) And it's February! Things are moving right along.

I was disappointed I couldn't be at home for the Super Bowl this year. I would have loved to chow down on some chili and rotel dip. Will was in Mt. Vernon yesterday, so I got to talk to his 2-year-old nephew Adam on the web cam. He was carrying around an old football helmet and kept saying, "Football game. Football game." It was absolutetly the most adorable thing in the world. I didn't even get to see any of the game, as it didn't start here until midnight, but I did watch all of the ads today on USA TODAY's website. I have to say the Dorito's ad was stinkin' hilarious! I laughed outloud when I saw it. Three million dollars well-spent. I might actually go buy a bag tomorrow...okay, maybe not.

Something I have noticed since I have been here is that I am constantly craving food I know I can't have, and what's even more strange is that I'm craving food I never even eat when I'm home. Like today, for example, I really wanted Taco Bell. I NEVER eat Taco Bell and would never consider eating it if I were at home. And for about a week now, I've been dying to have some Girl Scout cookies. I dream of Thin Mints. So maybe I don't dream about them, but I definitely think about them a lot more than I should. It's a funny thing about the human body that makes us want what we can't have...even if it's as simple as an order of nachos or a box of Girls Scout cookies.

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