Sunday, 15 February 2009

Yummy Weekend

This weekend was all about the food!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and because none of us girls had anyone to celebrate with, we went out together for dinner. We went to Yo!Sushi, a fun little place where the sushi is served on a conveyor belt. If you see something yummy coming your way, you just pluck it off the belt and dig in! It was a great place to have a casual night of relaxation with the ladies. It reminded me of Genki Sushi, a similar sushi joint my mom and sister and I go to when I visit them in Hawaii. Everyone had a fun time just trying to figure out what they wanted and then scouting it out on the conveyor belt. We also got a kick out of watching the workers make sushi and a little machine that produced perfectly square rice patties for the nigri. Afterwards Madison, Joy, and I went to the Red Lion for a Valentine's Day drink. I ordered a pina colada, and handed the bar tender my ID. He looked at my driver's license, then at me and said, "Are you sure this is you?" I have straight hair and glasses in my picture, but it unmistakeably me. I answered "yes" of course, upon which he asked me when my date of birth was! I never thought I would be accused a fake ID, especially when I presented my real one! The people next to me at the bar got a kick out of it, and now that I think about it, it was pretty funny. Although it wouldn't have been so funny if he would have denied me my drink. All was well, however. Maybe I'll wear my glasses next time I go to the Red Lion. No hair straightener in England.

And today...OH TODAY! Penelope and Francis Warner (the lovely couple in charge of OOSC) hosted a traditional English Tea for us this afternoon. It was AMAZING! She baked all kinds of cakes and other goodies for us. There were blueberry muffins, brownies, coconut cake, lemon cake, chocolate cake, cucumber sandwiches, scones, and more! I tried clotted cream for the first time, described by one of my fellow OOSCers as "if butter and whipped cream had a baby." It was delicious mixed with some strawberry jam on a scone. Needless to say, everyone was stuffed and on a sugar high by the end of the afternoon. We also had a great time visiting with the Warners. They are such fascinating people! Francis was a speech writer for Robert and Edward Kennedy! He showed us a book Ted signed for him in which he wrote "to" rather than "too." Francis got a kick out of it. We also talked about Obama, the economy and how it is affecting students, "The Simpsons," and "Friends." He likes "Friends," made me happy.

I am so glad to have this week out of the way! I had two papers to write becaust the upcoming week is going to be really busy. Tuesday I'm going to London to see "Twelfth Night" and Wednesday I'm going back to see "Spring Awakening." I can't wait! Then Thursday, we're all going to the Oxford Union for a debate. The resolution is "This House Believes Promiscuity is a Virtue, not a Vice," so it should be interesting to say the least.

Madison and I are getting really excited about break. Dane and Will are coming in less than a month now, and we are comparing travel plans. February is already half way over, and we have a lot of fun things to look forward to in the next two weeks, so it makes the time go by more quickly. We both can't wait to go travel with the boyfriends. It's going to be so much fun. We're both going to Amsterdam and then taking a train to Paris. It would be funny if we ran into each other. It could happen, I suppose.

Tomorrow is lecture and more reading. This week in Political Philosophy is Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and "The Rights of Man." I like him much better than Edmund Burke. He's short and to the point; the journalist in me appreciates that very much. And so to bed.

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